The Era of “Marketing Forensics”

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This was originally published on BlueBird Strategies.

No, this is not the name of an episode from the TV series “CSI: Marketing” (which doesn’t exist, by the way).

The Merriam-Webster defines “Forensics” as: “Relating to or dealing with the application of scientific knowledge to problems”

How Does This Relate to Marketing and Why is it Important?

In the course of working with marketing teams on a daily basis for the last few years, the founding team at Claritix has noticed the following:

  • The “Marketing Tech Stack” of software solutions is growing more complex by the day.
  • Each of these solutions provides its own analytics, but no one solution brings all the pieces together to complete the puzzle for Marketers.
  • It is usually expensive and time-consuming for Marketers to ask IT to custom build a solution. Also, the current tools expect the Marketers to be able to understand data elements and field names and this is the last thing that most Marketers want to concern themselves with.



Lastly, very few of the tools today have been built with embedded Marketing knowledge and best practices. This means that the onus is on you to know which questions you need answered today and which you may ask in the future.

In a nutshell, Marketing Analytics, as it stands today, is broken.

The paradox is, given that most marketing teams cannot get a simple view of their metrics together without significant manual effort, there is ever increasing pressure on them to use more sophisticated methods such as ‘predictive analytics’ to get better results.

The bottom line is – most marketing teams are being asked to sprint before they can even walk.

Our Process

At Claritix, we believe that it is important that companies understand the current state of their marketing data, what the key questions are that need to be answered now and in the future and not excessively worry about the technology needed to provide those answers. This is where the ‘forensics’ comes in.

We believe in a 5-step ‘forensic’ process by which we solve a large part of the analytics pain for our customers by helping them get the basics right after which they can start looking at advanced methods to improve their business.


Here’s a comprehensive look at our solution.

The 5-Steps Are:

  1. Extract data from source systems (such as Marketing Automation and CRM) using APIs and other methods
  2. Cleanse the data to ensure that we are producing clean results as output
  3. Match the data (e.g. the same lead from the Marketing Automation and CRM systems) to ensure that there is no duplication or redundancy
  4. Run algorithms, both simple and sophisticated, in order to provide a variety of charts and dashboards
  5. Let our users utilize these outputs without needing to log into our solution. If they see something in the charts that they want to investigate further, they are welcome to get into the Claritix solution and drill down into the details.

Why is This Approach Beneficial?

  • It saves significant time
  • Eliminates the need to log into ‘yet another software solution’, and
  • Allows for focus on the business results instead of worrying about data dictionaries

Forward-thinking marketing leaders such as BlueBird Strategies understand the value of Marketing Forensics and we are excited to partner with them to bring this concept to the market.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you or see a quick demo, please feel free to contact us.