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Salespeople and Marketers want seamless access to metrics that help them drive the business, regardless of channel, program or source. They need this in order to not only do a better job of creating thought leadership, attracting leads and leading them quickly and effectively through the funnel, but also to demonstrate their true value to the rest of the organization.

However, the challenge is that the world of Sales & Marketing technology is very “noisy”. With so many different vendors and solutions clamoring for your attention, it can be difficult for you to figure out how they are different from each other.

So here’s a breakdown of how Claritix differs from other traditional “analytics” sources and why our Revenue Forensics approach is a better match for your organization’s needs:

  • Marketing and/or IT teams:
  • Single System Reports
  • Claritix
  • Automatically combine data from different systems
  • Determine data quality issues or gaps between various systems
  • Utilize cross-system drilldowns
  • Identify cross-system insights
  • Marketing and/or IT teams:
  • Generic BI Tools
  • Claritix
  • Don’t need to manually map fields from different systems
  • Don’t need to decide what data needs to be extracted
  • Automatically keep the extraction rules in synch with all systems
  • Get deeper drill-down capabilities on reports and charts
  • Receive analytics that do not lose richness due to combining data from various systems
  • Get access to marketing analytics based on ‘best practices’
  • Receive services cost effectively without spending excessively on training and maintenance
  • Marketing and/or IT teams:
  • Manual Extraction and Microsoft Office
  • Claritix
  • Don’t need to spend time / money on non-value added work
  • Don’t have to manually combine data from different systems
  • Don’t need to spend time and effort ensuring data-cleanliness
  • Get access to cross-system drill-downs
  • Get access to cross-system insights
  • Not subject to inaccurate data due to manual efforts
  • Get access to a ‘single source of truth’ for marketing analytics
  • Marketing and/or IT teams:
  • Agency Reporting
  • Claritix
  • Don’t need to combine reports from various agencies to get a complete picture
  • Don’t need to go back to the agency for every detail they want to explore
  • Get access to a ‘single source of truth’ for marketing analytics
  • Marketing and/or IT teams:
  • ‘Big’ Integrated Solution Vendor
  • Claritix
  • Get access to specific and relevant marketing analytics
  • Benefit from short release cycles
  • Are not ‘locked’ into a single, generic vendor
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