4 Reasons Why Marketing Teams Need Data Analytics as a Service Capabilities

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Marketing teams are finding it increasingly difficult to gain insights from their analytics due to the lack of technical expertise, data accuracy and adequate support. But with the growing complexity of the marketing stack, using a pure play analytics solution is not enough.

That’s where Data-Analytics-as-a-Service (DAaaS) comes in.

This infographic, created from a study by Data Intensity and Researchscape International, gives you 4 reasons why companies need Data-Analytics-as-a-service capabilities.

Key takeaways:

  • Too many problems with analytics to get the insights needed. 63% of C-level executives said that it takes too long to get meaningful reports and analysis from their data
  • Despite significant enterprise spending on analytics, obtaining meaningful value from business data is a major obstacle. Nearly 36% of the companies surveyed spend $100,000-$499,999 and a whopping 20% spend $1 – 9 million.
  • Data-Analytics-as-a-Service capabilities are the most desired component. 58% of the respondents stated that DAaaS capabilities are the most desired component in an analytics service / solution
  • Majority deem an analytics software and service solution both beneficial and relevant to their business. 70% said that an analytics software and service solution would be “very” or “completely relevant” to their business. And 58% said they preferred the “create custom analytics solution in the cloud” delivery model.


Traditional models for data analysis are making it difficult for companies to draw the insights on business and marketing performance. But these findings establish the need for Data-Analytics-as-a-Service and not a pure play analytics solution.

Are you finding it difficult to gain insights from your analytics solution? Is getting a clear picture on your pipeline performance a challenge? Contact us to learn how Claritix can help you.