3 Common Challenges With Marketing Analytics

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In the last few weeks, we have significantly amped up our sales efforts and have been in conversations with both inbound and outbound prospects. There are three common themes related to issues with marketing analytics today that have emerged in these conversations – these are described below:

  1. Complexity of the Marketing Stack: Every one of the folks we have spoken with has described how the number of software solutions in their marketing department is overwhelming them. Each of these solutions provides it own analytics but there is no easy way for the marketers to get analyses that combine data across the solutions. In a few cases, these prospects have been using some of the more familiar analytics tools, but have been unsuccessful in their attempts to get meaningful results because they do not want to deal with the technical mapping between the different solutions that these tools require.
  1. Excessive time to analysis: These folks also described how the analysts in the marketing teams spent inordinate amounts of time to bring together the various analytics, usually within Excel. In one case, when we demonstrated the Sirius Decisions Waterfall dashboard in our solution (that also calculates the contribution of Marketing and Sales to the funnel), the prospect exclaimed:

“It takes my analyst 9 hours every Monday to produce this report and even then we are not sure how accurate it is!”

  1. “Yet another software solution”: As described above, marketers generally feel that they already have too many software systems to deal with. The last thing many of them want is to have to use yet another software solution to extract the analyses. In some cases, they have tried marketing agencies but have been disappointed by the lack of business and/or technical knowledge on the part of the agencies.

If you are interested in learning more about why these prospects responded positively to a demo of the Claritix solution and delivery model, please get in touch with us.