Who does it help?


Get visibility across the business More

Marketing Ops.

Provide accurate analytics quickly More

Demand Generation

Analyze funnel performance More

Content Marketing

Understand what content works More

What is the problem?

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    The Sales & Marketing Stack is becoming increasingly complex, with each solution providing its own analytics

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    Time and Cost

    Asking IT to build custom analytics OR implementing and using currently available analytics tools is expensive and time-consuming

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    Sales & Marketing should be focused on business outcomes and not on the technical complexities of software solutions


Why Claritix?

Sales & Marketing decisions made easier via Forensics


We remove the need for you to worry about the multiple systems in your stack


We give you visibility about your Sales & Marketing performance across all channels


We enable you to focus on your business issues by taking care of your technology

How do we do it?

By using our unique Revenue Forensics process

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    Understand your requirements

    We spend the time to understand your specific and unique Sales & Marketing analytical needs

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    Connect to your systems

    We use our vast collection of connectors to hook your different systems to our solution and extract data from them at regular intervals

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    Configure Analytics

    Based on your needs, we set up the appropriate charts and metrics within our solution

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    Deliver Results

    We can deliver your results to you at regular intervals or on an ad-hoc basis OR you could access them yourself in our solution

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    In Addition...

    If you need any help with implementing, enhancing or maintaining your current Sales & Marketing systems, we are more than happy to help!


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